Stittsville, Barrhaven + Carleton Place are OPEN for walk-ins 🙌🏻
Stittsville, Barrhaven + Carleton Place are OPEN for walk-ins 🙌🏻
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**We are NOT a nut-free kitchen**

We are not a peanut free or nut free kitchen. Almost all of our glazes are made with a nut milk. We feature donuts like the Peanut Butter and Jam and the Skor which contains almonds. We do our very best keep the nut featured donuts on their own but there is always a chance for cross contamination. 

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. 


"How quickly can I have my order ready?"

3 days from start to finish. It takes 2 days to prep the dough and we cook on the 3rd day. 

"the Delivery Date/Pick Up I am choosing keeps stating Unavailable, I think there is something wrong with the site?"

The Delivery Date is actually the PICK UP DATE we don't do deliveries anymore- if the date you are choosing says 'Unavailable' it's because there are no slots available, you'll have to choose another date that is open. Sorry for the inconvenience.

"What kind of donuts are these?"

Ours are a pastry style 140 Layer donut. Our vegan donuts are a traditional yeast risen donut. 

"Do you deliver and how far will you deliver"

No-All custom orders are for pick up at 3500 Fallowfield Rd. Unit 6 in Barrhaven as of October 16th 2021.- we do NOT deliver. HOWEVER, you can get our donuts delivered through UBER EATS + Skip The Dishes.

“The date I want isn’t available- can I just email you my order for that day instead?”

No, we are so sorry. We don’t take email or Instagram DM orders. If the date you have requested on our website says unavailable, all of our custom slots are full. You’ll have to choose the next available date.

"What time can I come pick up my order?"

All orders can be picked up between 9-3pm.

"Can I have my donuts delivered at 1:30pm?"

No, unfortunately we do not make deliveries anymore but we are in Uber and Skip the Dishes app.

"I put in an order for Friday, today is Wednesday, but since I am picking up can I just come grab them now?"

No, the delivery/pick-up window is also our production window, your donuts do not exist currently lol. The date you chose is the day you pickup. 

"I have a nut allergy, are you nut free?"

No, we are not a nut free or dairy free kitchen. Not all our products contain nuts or dairy but it 'may contain'due to cross contamination. 

"Can I order 3 donuts?"

Unfortunately no, currently order minimums are 12 donuts for custom orders. If you’d like anything less than 12 please stop by one of our 2 Locations Barrhaven and Stittsville.

"I know this is last minute, if you have any extras tomorrow can I buy them?  I would like these flavours ...."

We LOVE you guys so much and we've grown so quickly that we get about 5-10 of these messages almost daily. THANK YOU for loving us so darn much. We just cannot customize our 'bonus boxes'. Donuts are topped and boxed when posted on our Instagram stories at the end of our day- typically by 3pm.

"Can you deliver the bonus boxes?"

Bonus Boxes are pick up only. If we have extra donuts we will post on our Instagram Stories by pm-3:30m- they're ready for pick-up asap. DM us when you see something you like and want to DIBS those donuts. 

"Are your glazes made with dairy?"

Not all, some of our glazes are made with a nut milk (almond/cashew). All of our glazes are actually vegan except for the Carmellow and some of the monthly feature donuts.

"Are all your products GMO-free?"

All of our homemade products/toppings are GMO-free!

Barrhaven Store

3500 Fallowfield Rd. Unit 6
Ottawa (Nepean), Canada

Wed - Sun: 9am - 5pm (or sell out!)

(613) 825-8888

(**NO CUSTOM ORDERS over the phone- please book through website)


Stittsville Store

1564 Stittsville Main St.
Ottawa (Stittsville), Ontario

Wed - Sun: 9am - 4pm (or sell out!)

(613) 831-9668

(**NO CUSTOM ORDERS over the phone- please book through website)


Carleton Place Store

21 Bridge Street
Carleton Place, Canada

Wed - Sun: 9am - 5pm (or sell out!)

(**NO CUSTOM ORDERS over the phone- please book through website)